The Problem

We originally created Brief Brief (once called then called Brief Engine) to solve a very specific problem that we had in our agency: most creative briefs suck. Well, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but there are problems: they’re hard to write, they’re hard to interpret and they get lost and forgotten.

If you’re someone who creates briefs, let’s face it, it’s hard to write an effective job brief. There’s always a question of “where do I start?” or “how much information should I include?” It’s a daunting task that never seems to get easier over time.

Or, if you’re a creative professional who needs to interpret briefs there always seems to be way too much information that’s non-essential to the actual task at hand, and too little information that really matters – we know, we’re designers.

The Bright Idea

Bright Brief is a first-of-its-kind, Web and mobile tool for account managers, clients and creatives that enables concise, yet detailed brief development.

To start, the easy-to-use form asks all the important questions: who, what, where and why. No more searching the internet for a brief template, everything you need is in one place — created and tested by professionals who use creative briefs every day.

One of our brightest ideas is the character limit for fields like project background and project descriptions. We’ve all read briefs that start with “It all started in 1973, when a small boy from Connecticut…” Character limits force the brief writer to strip out any unnecessary information and get to the heart of the meaningful details.

Bright Brief is free to use, but there is a catch — we want your feedback! How would you, yes you, make this product better? Tell us by clicking here. Thanks for checking out Bright Brief.

Start shedding more light on your creative projects with Bright Brief.