What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is a document used by account managers and clients that defines a creative problem for a design or creative team. A brief outlines, as objectively as possible, the goals and requirements for a particular project.

How do I write a good creative brief?

There are many factors that go into writing an effective creative brief. Most importantly, a brief should convey just the right amount of information to a creative team so that they understand the breadth of the problem at hand without being overwhelmed by unnecessary details. Finding that balance is what Bright Brief enables users to do.

What information goes into a creative brief?

Creative briefs generally contain two types of information: background information and project specific data.

Background information consists of a description of the client and/or the brand. While the project-specific data consists of:

  • The budget and due date
  • A description of the creative problem
  • Information about the intended audience and competition
  • Relevant files and assets
  • Project specifications like sizing

What is Bright Brief?

Bright Brief is a first-of-its-kind, Web and mobile tool for account managers, clients and creatives that enables concise, yet detailed brief development.

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What makes Bright Brief different?

Bright Brief has several unique features that help brief writers and creatives get to the point and convey the most relevant information about a project. The questions in Bright Brief are designed to provoke key information. One of the biggest innovations behind Bright Brief is the character limits on most response fields. This forces brief writers to target only the most relevant and pertinent information.